Welcome to the Ninth World

Numenera is set on our Earth a billion years in the future. In this time civilizations (not all of them human) have risen, fallen, left, transcended, or otherwise no longer exist. Its tough to know exactly how many civilizations existed but the popular belief is that this current world is the Ninth. One thing that is sure is these past worlds have all left behind wondrous and mysterious technologies that are collectively called The Numenera. The setting is similar to that of the year 1000 A.D.

Humans aren’t the only creatures that inhabit this land, mutants, genetically altered humans, feral abhumans, and even aliens call the Ninth World home. Although in almost all cases, their pasts are as obscure as the world itself.

Strange creatures inhabit the world. There are still mammals, reptiles, insects, and all the other basic groups, although in a billion years very few things have resisted dramatic change.

The world’s continents have been pulled together into a massive supercontinent again, by what means is unclear. The sun is several times bigger, and has engulfed Mercury, and should have fried all life on this planet by now, yet it remains. But to the people of the Ninth World, this would go unnoticed, it is the way things have always been.

Numenera: Ghosts of the Past

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